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5 Best Insect Repellent For Protection Against Zika Virus

The World Health Organisation declared the rapid spread of Zika Virus an international public health emergency and with the summer season in action US with see increasing numbers of Zika related cases.Zika as you all know is caused by the...

Zika Spread City

Zika virus is an easily transmitted virus and to as there are many ways to transmit Zika Virus and this is why before visiting A Zika Virus infected city or country you need to take proper safety measures to ensure that you don’t get infected...

By Vikram on Mar 25th, 2017
Zika Virus In Ahmedabad

Zika Virus has become a growing issue in all the parts of the world and now in January 2017 one new case of Zika Virus was detected in Ahmedabad the capital of Gujarat and since then a thorough surveillance has been done and no further cases...

By Vikram on Mar 19th, 2017

Zika Virus as you all know is spread by the bite of Aedes mosquito and the virus is known to cause Microcephaly,it is a condition in which the baby born from Zika infected pregnant ladies are born with small heads and now in the recent studies...

By Vikram on Mar 12th, 2017
Zika Virus Baby Pictures

Some cases has been reported where Zika virus was transmitted from pregnant mother to her child and this is creating panic all around the world.Thousands of babies got infected in Brazil when Zika virus broke out their and the babies got infected...

By Vikram on Mar 7th, 2017
Zika Virus

Zika Virus is spread by one of the daytime active mosquito named Aedes,Zika Virus is related to yellow fever,dengue but till now there is no known treatment for Zika Virus and the illness cannot even be prevented by medication or any known vaccines...

By Vikram on Mar 6th, 2017