Zika Virus has become a growing issue in all the parts of the world and now in January 2017 one new case of Zika Virus was detected in Ahmedabad the capital of Gujarat and since then a thorough surveillance has been done and no further cases of Zika Virus has been found.

The health minister of Gujarat Anupriya Patel in a written reply to the Lok Sabha said that “So Far only one Zika virus case has been identified in Gujarat and required containment measures has been taken and intensified detail surveillance has been done on humans as well as mosquitoes in and around Gujarat and no further positive cases has been identified”.

Zika Virus is spread through the bite of Mosquito named Aedes and studies have shown that Zika Virus can cause Microcephaly which is a condition in which babies are born with small heads and this is why the whole world is paying attention to this disease.

Zika Virus In Ahmedabad

Zika Virus is a viral disease and proper measures need to be taken in order to stop it from spreading because there are many ways Zika can be transmitted from one to another and if you don’t know how you can read how is Zika Virus Transmitted.

After the case detected in Ahmedabad, an action plan is said to be prepared to manage Zika and to be shared with all the states and advisors have been issued to intensify vector control measures.

Zika Virus can also cause heart problems as shown in a study by American College of Cardiology and this makes Zika something to fear and that is why everyone should know what it is and how it can be prevented.You need to know the places where Zika is widespread and make sure you take proper measures before visiting that place or in my advice don’t visit there at well.

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