Zika Virus as you all know is spread by the bite of Aedes mosquito and the virus is known to cause Microcephaly,it is a condition in which the baby born from Zika infected pregnant ladies are born with small heads and now in the recent studies it has been found that Zika Virus can also cause heart problems.

Zika Virus May Cause Heart Problems:Study

The study appeared in the Journal of American College of Cardiology and this study is the first to ever report people infected with Zika Virus having cardiovascular problems and some of them even heart failures.


Zika causing Heart problems can be a great issue and as said in the study there’s been severe number of people’s who are reporting Heart problems.The research was conducted on adults infected with Zika Virus and six females with age around 47 were seen at the Tropical medicine department in Venezuela within two weeks of showing Zika symptoms.

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Diseases caused by other mosquito bites like Dengue and Chikangunya can cause heart problems but as said above the number of people reporting heart problems was alarming even in the small number of Zika patients.

The symptoms reported were heart problems,heart palpitations which means either heart skipped a beat or added a beat and also short of breath and fatigue.

In the study of nine all adult patients they went through EKG test and in eight of them the EKG suggested rythm concerns or heartbeat rate.

Three cases of atrial fibrillation,eight patient had serious arrhytimas,two case of non-sustained tachycardia,heart failure in six cases and two cases of ventricular arrhythmias.

This study as mentioned earlier appeared in the Journal of American College of Cardiology.We will be coming with studies in the future as well so bookmark and subscribe our blog and let us know if you have any questions relates to Zika Virus or Zika Virus baby.

Zika Virus May Cause Heart Problems:Study
Article Name
Zika Virus May Cause Heart Problems:Study
In a Study by American College of Cardiology it has been found out that Zika Virus Can cause Heart problems too.In A Study of 9 Adults it has been found that almost all of them have some kind of heart problems and some are severe and some are not that severe.